Samart Frozen Foods Co.,Ltd

The Certified manufacturer with GMP HACCP, FDA, and Halal. We are experienced in export to many countries for more than 10 years.

Frozen Fruits Products

Our frozen fruits are well made with delicacy. Our products are exported to many countries in South East Asia, and Pacific for many years. Our productions are certified with GMP and HACCP. Our products are certified with FDA and Halal.

Frozen Mango (Cho A Num, Keaw) Halved. Packing single or 500g / pack

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Frozen well riped durian Monthong. Pack in 500g or 1 kg Pack

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Frozen Durian Wholeround          Pack 12- 15 kg per Carton

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Frozen ripe mini Pineapple (100-125g per piece). Pack in 500g or 1 kg per Pack

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Our Brand and Products
Samart Frozen Foods Co., Ltd also owns that brand of SF Freeze dry fruits, EGO the genuine Bird's nest Beverage, EGO the Fish extracted Soup. Our Brands are well certified with FDA, GMP, and HALAL
SF - Freeze Dried Durian
The pieces of Freeze Dried durian is big as it can weight up to 4-5 g per piece
EGO - Genuine Bird's Nest Beverage
Using Real Bird's nest and Sterilized properly. EGO can be kept without being refrigerated
EGO - Fish Extracted Soup
Extracted the soup from deep sea Tuna, rich with Omega-3,6 and Amino Acids.
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