Samart Frozen Foods Co., Ltd


             Samart Frozen Foods Co., Ltd is certified manufacturer for agricultural products with the World class quality with largest tropical fruit farms area. The company established in 2000 and received the certificate of GMP and HACCP. It guarantee for quality standard of our products.


Our Product and Service


           Samart Frozen Foods is a manufacturer and exporter company which located in the South of Thailand. We are mainly process fresh fruits and export frozen fruits such as Frozen Mangosteen, Mangosteen pulp, Rambutan, Mangoes, Pineapple. 

           In addition, we also provided Individual Quick Freeze technology (IQF) for process frozen tropical fruits. Due to the use of high technology, we are able to provide consistent quality of products to our customers. The products are processed through IQF which it freezes fruits quickly that the quality from freshness of fruits is still held in the products which it can maintain juiciness and sweetness of fruits is still within the frozen fruit meat.  


           Thailand is a country of agricultural products with the World class quality. Moreover, because we are located in the largest tropical fruit farms area, thus we are able to control the quality of raw material. We are able to provide very good quality of fruits because we are located on the land that has good soil and suitable weather for these fruits to be grown. Therefore, we can provide fresh and high quality of fruits. 


             We are located named “Chumphon”, South of Thailand, which grows the best quality of durian, mangosteen, and rambutan in Thailand.We are attentively process the raw material as the customers requested.


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