Freeze-dried fruits is relatively healthy. Freeze-dried fruit is processed by  Freezing fresh fruits at extremely low temperature to the point that the texture, aroma and nutritions are still intact within the fresh itself. Next process is vacuum dry the frozen fruits by sublimation at low boiling point, thus, the nutritions, aroma, texture of Freeze dried fruits are as good as fresh fruits, except, it is much more delicious and crunchy

Our main products of Freeze dried fruits are: Freeze Dried Durian, Freeze Dried Banana (Hom Thong), Freeze Dried Banana (Kai)

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    As you know Durian is the King of the Fruits. So, we gently select Durian with our expertise more than 10 years. When the season comes, We gather the best durian from our local fa...

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    Merry Christmas!!Ho Ho HO!Samart Frozen Foods offers the one and only Freeze dried cookies Durian (Christmas Edition) PackThe taste is so good as durian can get, The packages is as...

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    Looking for premium gift and healty snack as well?Freeze dried durian from SF. It has stunning tastes and texture, and the nutrition is as good as the fresh fruits can get. The net...

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    Freeze Dried Durian with stunning package to show the quality of its content! Freeze dried durian is shown beside its jar. To Proof we prodive with qualities!
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